Games and Puzzles for Everyone this Easter

Games and Puzzles for Everyone this Easter

Games and Puzzles for Everyone this Easter

With the Easter holidays fast approaching I’m sure everyone is wondering how to keep everyone entertained. Whether your children are starting their holidays, your relatives are coming to stay, hanging out with friends, or making the most of the 4 day weekend by yourself, there is something on AreYouGame for you!


Top 5 Easter Activities for Children

With Easter comes the Easter Holidays, which means more days to fill with activities… This selection is sure to fill at least a few hours of those long days!

Horrible Histories Board Game

A fantastic cooperative game play with education in mind. How much do you know about the Measly Middle Ages, or even the Savage Stone Age? Find out as you race around the board. But watch out for Rattus who wants to set you back!

Harry Potter Diagon Alley 4 in 1 3D Puzzles

Great to play alone or as a family. Four magically detailed 3D Puzzles in one. Recreate the magic of Harry Potter, by building your very own Diagon Alley. Piece together four iconic buildings featured throughout the Harry Potter series, including the infamous Gringotts Bank!

Paddington’s Sightseeing Adventures Board Game

If you can’t get to London this holiday, why not join Paddington on his adventure?! Help Paddington make his way home to 32 Windsor Gardens and fill up his scrapbook along the way! Can you get Paddington to four London landmarks on his way home to the Browns without landing in a sticky situation?

David Walliams Gangsta Granny’s Stash the Swag Board Game

The interactive 3D board brings to life your very favourite David Walliams story.  It’s the Greatest Jewel Theft in History, but this time you have to help Gangsta Granny get the jewels and ‘Stash the Swag’ without the Queen spotting you!

Who’s In the Bag

Easy to pack up and play! Take Who’s in the Bag on your staycation or at home for hours of family fun! A game loved by all, Who’s in the Bag takes on charades and Don’t Say It to have teams competing to guess the most names. You can act, sing, impersonate, mime, or describe the personality – just don’t say the name!


Top 4 Activities for Older Families

Whether you’ve got children in their teens or older, or have adult relatives visiting these games will get everyone having fun!

Five-Star Review Board Game

Bring out your inner critic! Can you work out what the preposterous reviews are about? Log In to a web of bizarre reviews and work your way through the cards to Log Out and win the game!

Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Gather friends and family and host a night to remember. With everything you need, from character booklets, tasty secrets, invitations, and even a suggested menu, this Dinner Party Murder is sure to go down a treat!

Speedy Words

Be quick to name and win the game! This is a great fast paced game that will have you and your competitors scrambling to think of even the most simple words! A game that is sure to have everyone involved and get everyone laughing.

Paris, Dominic Davison 1000 piece Puzzle

After the excitement of a few competitive and hilarious games, relax and wind down with a puzzle featuring the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. From the perspective of a beautiful Parisian street this puzzle makes for an enjoyable activity that everyone can join in.


Top 3 Games for Friends

It’s safe to say these games probably shouldn’t be played with family…

Bigger is Better

Can you work out what’s bigger, longer, or heavier? In this game, size does matter. Using the dry-wipe boards and pens provided put four things in order of highest to lowest, or biggest to smallest, and see which of your friends gets it right.

Judge Your Friends

How much do you know about your friends? More importantly how much do you want to know? Judge Your Friends calls on you to decide how devious your friends appear, and allows them to reveal the dark truth…

Dumb Criminals Board Game

Some crimes are so ridiculous you wonder, what was going through their heads! Dumb Criminals is all about the weird and whacky crime stories, but can you work out if they’re true?


Top 2 Games to Play alone (or with others)

Using the long Easter weekend to get some much needed and well deserved R & R? Me too! Here are some solo (or team) games that I love!

Underwood Cellars Murder Mystery Case File

It has been 30 years since Cary Underwood disappeared. Due to a recent earthquake, we now have discovered the body and more clues to crack this case. Work alone or with others to deduce the victim’s murderer, their motive, their means, and the opportunity for the murder.

Hook n’ Loop Darts

All the fun of a dart board, but with all the ease of Velcro! Don’t worry about getting a rogue dart stuck in the wall or on the fence post again.