Garden Party Games

Garden Party Games

Garden Party Games

As the weather starts to heat up, more and more of us will be dusting off the garden furniture to make the most of the rare British sun. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having garden fun with the family there has to be a garden game for you!

For Families:


Whilst Chairs has a very simple premise, stack the chairs as high as you can, it is deceivingly tricky! This game is sure to lead to laughter, and maybe a touch of frustration (but the best games always do). A perfect choice for playing outside with the kids when they’re too tired to run around!

Who’s in the Bag

This is a great game for any group as it has all the excitement of a guessing game, and all the silliness of charades. This game is particularly adept to facing the fluctuating British weather as it even has a waterproof outer bag to keep your cards safe! Who’s in the Bag is a firm AYG UK favourite!

For Two Players:

Man Bites Dog

This game is all about headlines, who can create the most outrageous or hilarious headline with the newspaper cards they’re given. This game isn’t strictly two players but as it is so easy to get outside and play I just had to make sure I included it! It is certainly one of my favourite games.


This game is a little bit more about strategy and involves players trying to push each others marbles off the board. Whilst at first the rules seem quite overwhelming once you start playing you can pick up the game very quickly, but to become a master takes plenty of practice. This game is great for a quieter evening enjoying the last few hours of sun with a glass in hand. If strategy games are your thing we have plenty to choose from here!

For Friends:

Bigger is Better

With innuendos rife throughout the title and the game it is sure to get your friends sniggering. This game is one I always recommend to my friends when they want something fun they can play with a small group because it is so easy to pick up and play! It also comes with unique wipeable answer boards and marker pens for easy game play wherever you are.

Guinness World’s Best Dice Game

A great choice when you’re not sure exactly what you want to play. This game contains 20 great dice games and everything you need to play each one including instructions and score sheets. Our favourite in my household is Yacht but there are plenty to choose from that can be adjusted depending on how many players you have. A great one to play with a beer in hand on a sunny evening!

For Solo+ Players:

Mondrian Blocks

This game is absolutely addictive. It can be played as one player or with more, however my favourite way to play is by myself! You get 88 different levels to try where the black blocks must be placed in set positions, and you have to workout how you can fit all the other blocks in around them. The earlier levels start off simple enough but as you get to more difficult levels it becomes harder to walk away. This is a game I’m looking forward to playing whenever I get chance, in the garden or even on the go!

Hook n Loop Darts

Whilst this game can be played indoors, nothing says garden party more than a dartboard! This game of course can be played by more than just one player but maybe if you know you have guests coming to play, or you really fancy a game of darks, you can get your practice in whilst enjoying the warm sunny skies.