Perfect Presents for Picky Papas

Perfect Presents for Picky Papas

Perfect Presents for Picky Papas

Father’s Day is soon approaching, and a common struggle we’ve found is Dads are often hard to shop for! If mine and my partner’s fathers are anything to go by they never give constructive ideas when you ask what they want, and they always claim they are happy with just a card! Maybe they truly are just happy with a card, but we know our Dads deserve so much more! If you want to treat your dad to something special this Father’s Day (or for any other reason) why not use our handy guide of top 7 presents for our Favourite Fathers!



With the 75th Anniversary of Subbuteo this year it is a safe bet that many dads had their own tabletop football set in their younger days. Why not let dad relive the nostalgia with one of the Subbuteo main games? You can even get your dad’s favourite football team to go along with it!


Pointless Board Game

My dad, like many dads out there, somehow knows something about absolutely everything. After many times of watching Pointless and my dad always getting low if not 0 answers, I have told him numerous times to go on, to no avail. Since I have been unable to convince him thus far, I think the board game is a pretty close second!


Toolbox Nailed It Trivia Quiz

When my partner and I bought our house no one was more excited than his dad. His dad has been waiting to impart all of his DIY wisdom onto his son for years, and you can tell. He giddily comes over with his tools and helps us slowly and surely make our house a home. Most recently ripping our poorly laid hallway floor up and teaching my partner how to cut floor panels down and fit them around awkward doorframes. His dad is also a wealth of random knowledge, much like my own father.

So for all those dad’s who love teaching their children how to use every tool they have, and love trumping everyone at quizzes with their obscure knowledge, this toolbox game may be the perfect gift to show them you know them!


Beers 1000 piece Puzzle

If there are two things my dad likes more than anything in this world, they’re probably beers and puzzles. When I came across the Educa Beers Puzzle I immediately thought of my dad. I did then also consider the dismay that would befall my mum’s face when she realised my dad would absolutely try to hang the puzzle up proudly for all visitors to see. Choose this at your own risk…


Guinness World’s 20 Best Dice Games

At Christmas I bought the Guinness Dice Game for the other dad in my life (my partner’s dad). Safe to say he loved it! Obviously he loves Guinness, but I recently came to discover he loves the dice game Yacht. He did make us play Yacht for a couple of hours after opening it. So again, choose this at your own risk!


Music Quiz

Every year at Christmas my family has an unspoken tradition of playing music on the TV in the kitchen, and my dad has a key role in this. Whenever he is entering the kitchen and a song is playing (even at times after only a few notes) he will proclaim the song name, artist name, and year of release (he even occasionally treats us to a month of release too) before looking at the TV to confirm his music knowledge prowess, and then looking at my face as I search the song and find he got the year, and sometimes even the month, spot on. How he has become such a fountain of bizarre niche knowledge I may never know or comprehend. The point is, my dad clearly loves music, and clearly knows an awful lot about it, and whilst I have been yet to stump him this quiz might be the perfect way to find, if any, cracks in his mental music museum.


Ultimate 80s Quiz

Ah the 80s, a decade I never experienced, but a decade I have heard so much about. My dad was in his 20s and starting his family and career throughout the 80s. For him reminiscing on the 80s is a nostalgic trip. As we’ve covered previously, he knows everything about everything, including the 80s. So for dads who fondly remember life in the 80s why not challenge them with the Ultimate 80s Quiz!