Danger Noodle

Ages 12+
SKU: 01436

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

Avoid the snakes at all costs! Danger Noodle is a fun, strategic card game for people who love cute and kind animals like Forest Corgis, Prison Ponies and Floating Potatoes, and who want to stay away from sharp and angry animals like Stab Rabbits, Furry Nopes and Sea Spiders! The first player to earn eaxctly 30 points wins - unless they draw a Danger Noodle card!

This easy to play, strategic card game is a game of risk! Each player takes turns to turn over and collect as many cards from the pack as they choose or unless they turn up a negative value animal card, a special card or the dreaded Danger Noodle card! If a player draws a Danger Noodle card it is back to beginning as they must discard all the cards in their hand. There are four types of Special Cards, if a player draws a special card they must read it aloud and perform the action. A Killa Fella card means they can discard any one card from any other player, either positive or negative. The Snake Eyes card means that player can look at the top five cards in the deck and gain some extra intel! Friends of Jack card will see the player discard any one of their animal cards and the Steel Toe Boots card means that player can ‘kick’ any one of their negative value cards over to a player of their choice! The Super Special Anti Venom card is the one to aim for though as it protects the player from the next three Danger Noodle cards!

Play continues until the the first payer reaches, with the sum of both their positive and negative value cards, exactly 30 points. The more cards you draw the higher the risk of finding a Danger Noddle or negative value card. This hilarious game, full of true names of some unusual animals, is perfect for 2-8 players age 12 years and and is great for some dinner party fine and family games nights.

  • 100 Cards
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