The Tiger Who Came To Tea Board Game

Ages 3+
SKU: 08416

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

Little fans of The Tiger Who Came to Tea will love the colourful, fun and engaging games on this double-the-fun, double sided board game, Tiger’s Tremendous Tea Time!

The Tiger is incredibly hungry and extremely thirsty and needs your help to find lots of nice things to eat and drink! Can you uncover all of his favourite things and collect as many as possible before Dad rings the doorbell? “Ding-dong!” Players take it in turns to spin and move around the board following the instructions on the board and Tea Time cards. If a Tea Time card reveals the Tiger is hungry the player must turn over one of the Tea Time tokens from the centre of the board, if it shows something the Tiger can eat, the player can keep the token but if it shows something the Tiger can drink, the token has to go back, but remember where it is, it might come in useful on the next go! If the spinner lands on Dad, the Dad play piece moves one space close to the front door. The player that has collected the most food and drink tokens when Dad reaches home, and all the players shout out ‘DING DONG!’, is the winner!

For added fun, turn the board over to reveal the Matching Dominoes Game. This is perfect for teaching young children how to play matching dominoes by using the board as a guide to finding the next domino in the chain. The colourful Tiger Who Came to Tea double-sided board game, with quick set up and easy to follow rules, is perfect for encouraging learning through play, developing matching skills, encouraging hand-eye coordination and honing fine motor skills.

Perfect for 2-4 players, The Tiger Who Came to Tea board game is idea for little Tigers age 3 years and over.

  • Double Sided Play Board
  • 5 x Play Pieces
  • 27 x Tea Time Tokens
  • 27 x Tea Time Playing Cards
  • 1 x Spinner
  • 30 Dominoes
  • Game Rules