Black Hawk

Ages 14+
SKU: 33296

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

Live Missions are a new way to enjoy the immensely popular Case Files from Murder Mystery Party.
Create a plan to stop the cyber-attack, control operatives in real time via smart phone, execute the heist and divert the cartel funds. This immersive experience allows you and your friends to sit in the hot-seat and control the field agents in a thrilling bank heist.
Each field agent will encounter a series of obstacles that require quick thinking to advance to the bank and pull off the mission. Through text, video, photos, and voice memo’s the agents keep you up-to-date on the mission status with advanced AI (artificial intelligence). Use physical pieces of intel to help your agents and pull off this seemingly impossible heist. Agents specialise in combat, hot-wiring, hacking, and other espionage skills. Choose the right agent for each task. Only by working cooperatively can you defeat the cartel and stop them from funding an international hacking organisation. Are you up to the challenge?