Lizard Wizard | Forbidden Games

Ages 10+
SKU: 51123

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

Introducing Lizard Wizard - the Magic Age in the Land of Astoria. In Lizard Wizard, you will compete to recruit wizards from seven unique schools of magic, build mystical towers, research powerful spells, summon helpful familiars, and search dark dungeons for gold and items of power. Plan your strategy and build effective spell combinations. Only one Arch-Mage will rise above to control Astoria, a land of dragons! Will it be you?

Lizard Wizard is the second game in the hit Raccoon Tycoon series by Glenn Drover. The game play is similar, but with deeper, more strategic gameplay... and also with Dragon Wizards, Magic, and Spells! Beautifully illustrated cards delight players throughout the 90-120 minute average game play time. Rated lower in complexity but higher in strategy, this is a great game for strategy game night!

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  • 1 Gameboard
  • 156 Tarot-sized Cards
  • 109 Poker-sized Cards
  • 210 Reagent Tokens
  • 20 Achievement Tiles
  • 35 Gold Coins
  • 80 Blue Mana Coins
  • Starting Player Marker
  • Rulebook