Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Marvellous Maths Games

Ages 6+
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Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

For all Oompa Loompas out there Charlie’s Marvellous Maths Game is perfect for encouraging a love of numbers and mathematics. Designed to aid both Key Stage 1 and 2 learning through play, the set contains three fun and educational maths games, based on one of Roald Dahl’s best-selling stories, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, for plenty of 3-in-1 number fun! These three entertaining games, developed with guidelines for Key Stage 1 & 2, help children develop mathematic skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, whilst maintaining the fun and enjoyment of a card game.

Game 1: Charlie’s Golden Ticket Game
The object of the game is to collect 4 Golden Tickets by creating sums to win. 5 Golden Ticket cards are placed number side up on the table, these are the Golden Answer Cards. To win a Golden Ticket, players can use any of the four arithmetic methods, add, subtract, multiply and divide, with their number cards to create a sum that equals one of the numbers on the Golden Answer Card.

Game 2: Charlie’s in a Spin Game
Players create a spiral shaped game board using the game cards number side up. Each player then throws the dice and moves the number of spaces shown on the dice ie 3, the player must then multiply the number on the dice by the number on the card they have landed on ie 3 x 4 = 12. If the player answers correctly they stay where they are, however, if they answer incorrectly, they must return to their space at the beginning of their turn. The player to reach the centre of the spiral first wins!

Game 3: Closest to Zero Game
The objective of the game is to be the player that has a hand of cards that are the closest to the value of Zero when added together and win a Golden Ticket. For this game there are two different colour cards, yellow cards are positive numbers and purple cards are negative numbers. For example, if you add a yellow 2 to a purple 2 the sum total would be 0. The players are all dealt a card face up and a second card face down. The players secretly look at their face down card to see how close to zero they are. Players can then ‘stick’ or ‘twist’ to receive an extra card to see if they can get closer to the zero total. The first player with 4 Golden Tickets wins the game!

Each of the three challenging maths games have been designed for 2 to 4 players and suitable for age 6 years and over.

  • 13 Golden Tickets
  • 88 High Quality Number Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 4 Playing Pieces
  • Game Rules