The Celebrity Guessing Game

Ages 8+
SKU: L5646

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

A brilliant family-fun party game presented in a sparkly gold tin! This eye-catching Celebrity Name Game game is also known as The Colander Game, The Hat Game and The Celebrity Game. First split your group into teams of 2 or more and fold all the cards in half and place them in the gold tin. Decide who will go first, turn over the sand timer and the person going first selects a card from the tin and must describe who is on the card for their teammates to guess without saying their name. Once guessed, they select another from the tin and so on until the sand timer runs out. The team scores a point for each celebrity correctly guessed. The teams take it in turns until all the cards have been used. Will it be Trump? Amy Winehouse or Marilyn Monroe? Can you Guess the Celebrity? For round two, put all the cards back into the tin and go in the same order except in this round you can only use one word to describe each person. For the last and final round, you can only act to give your team clues as to who is on the card! Once all the cards have been used, add up the scores from each round and the team with the highest overall score wins! A brilliant family game for 4 or more players age 8 years and over.

  • 150 Cards
  • Sand Timer
  • Instructions