Ages 8+
SKU: U08629

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

Prometheus is the new classic strategy game. The game is simple to learn, impossible to draw at, and no two games are alike. Prometheus is similar to chess, but faster and more dynamic. Prometheus offers a high-quality kit that includes 50 play pieces, a foldable board, and two hand-stitched play-piece bags. It's the ideal gift for a friend or family member, or even for you. The goal is to capture your opponent's treasured sphere, and the moves are based on how many corners each piece has. Prometheus can be used to improve strategic thinking and foresight. It encourages self-confidence, teamwork, and positive communication skills. The game focuses on moves that can be made on a chess-like board and is designed to help people overcome arithmetic fear. The strategy options are intriguing, with seemingly limitless opportunities for problem-solving & risk-taking.

Key Features
  • Easy to Learn
  • Fun to Play
  • Impossible to Draw
  • Usually lasts only ten to twenty minutes (quicker than chess)
  • Promotes forethought
  • Encourages people to come together socially away from screen activities

"Prometheus is an innovative new strategy game that will hopefully bring lots of enjoyment for families and friends from around the world."

Michael Nicolaus-Heuser
Senior Design Manager, Dyson


  • 50 play pieces
  • A foldable board
  • 2 Hand-stitched bags