Cookie Jar

SKU: U524800

This happy cookie jar features two play modes for fun hands-on learning, helping your little learner count from one to ten! With two Play modes: Let’s Learn Counting! and Find It! quiz mode there is plenty of learning fun to have with cheerful Cookie Jar! Containing 10 numbered cookies with corresponding chocolate chips for counting and a cute kid-friendly Cookie Jar, simply push the nose on the jar to get started. Select a cookie and insert it into the top of the jar and Cookie will tell you what number and how many chips are on the cookie. Little ones have three tries to select the correct cookie and will be rewarded with some fun phrases. To retrieve the cookies from the jar, simply turn the storage compartment door on the back of the jar. As your child gently place the correct cookie into the jar they building fine motor and number recognition skills! This educational Cookie Jar is also perfect to help build little one's confidence and boots self-esteem, as well as supporting cognitive development by encouraging your child to think creatively to find the correct cookie, and reinforcing listening and problem solving. Features a Repeat Button and Auto Shut Off function. Suitable for ages 2 years and over. Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)