Calling All Detectives!

Calling All Detectives!

Calling All Detectives!

With shows like Line of Duty, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and many more, it is no wonder that so many of us wonder what it would be like to be a detective. My love of crime and detective shows started back with Scooby Doo and has only continued to blossom as I have become more engaged with fictional crime shows. Despite this interest in detective work I am unfortunately a huge scared-y cat who is far too squeamish to pursue that line of work! Yet, I still find myself wondering if I have what it takes to solve crimes. To scratch that itch I am often downloading games on my phone and looking for real life games to play. When we got these games into AreYouGame I knew I had to share them with all of you!


Here are just a few of the incredible Murder Mystery Case Files range we stock!


Underwood Cellars Case File

This is the first Case File University Games released, and it really sets the tone for the rest of them. You play as a detective given a recently reopened Missing Person’s investigation, which has turned to a Homicide investigation. With two files full of evidence, including photos, witness statements, suspect interviews, and evidence collected from the victim’s last known whereabouts, this game is perfect for any budding detective like me! I poured over it, connecting the dots in my head, trying to work out exactly who the murderer was. For me this was a perfect introduction into Detective Games.


Fire in Adlerstein Case File

A newer addition to University Games’ Portfolio, this case file is a bit different to some of the others. This time a man has been convicted of a horrible crime, but he is certain he didn’t do it… You have to look through the evidence and decide if his claims are true and if so, who really did it? I brought this home to my boyfriend and we spent hours going back and forth debating whether the right man was convicted. I thoroughly enjoyed solving this case!


Murder on the Underground Case File Puzzle

This style of Case File is a little bit different to the ones mentioned above. This time some of your evidence comes in the form of puzzles which you need to piece together to get more information on the scene of the crime. Then there is also the big ‘Murder Board’ puzzle which will help you understand what has happened and who is to blame. Included in this you also receive a police folder full of evidence to help you solve the crime. This one is the next on my list to try, and I am so excited.