Party Game Night (For Grown Ups)

Party Game Night (For Grown Ups)

Party Game Night (For Grown Ups)

As I have shared in the past, I love a games night! Normally I share games I have played with my boyfriend and his family, however the games in this list are ones I would recommend playing with friends only! There are some things you just don’t need to know about your in-laws…

Here are my top picks for a Games Night just for Grown Ups:

Judge Your Friends

This game specifically is the one that, as much as I love it, I will NEVER play with my partner’s parents. Luckily, I got a chance to play this game with some friends first, and their answers were enlightening to say the least. To play you and your friends take it in turns to play ‘Judge’, you get a gavel and two ‘coasters’ – one for Guilty and one for Not Guilty. You read out a statement from a card with two scenarios on, such as “The Defendant has been kicked out of a bar” or “The Defendant has been arrested”. Then the other players put a card giving their guilty status face down in front of them. You take it in turns to Judge Your Friends and then you get to find out if your friends are as innocent as you think, or if they are hiding a dark past. This game is hilariously revealing and makes for a great drinking game!


Don't Drink & Draw

Whilst this game explicitly tells you not to drink, it actually makes for a perfect party game! You and your friends choose a ‘Person’, ‘Action’, and ‘Location’ card each to give you a scenario to draw. Then you have to guess what everyone’s drawings are meant to be! Depending on how seriously you take the title, the results can be pretty interesting, and very hard to decipher. This game is the perfect drinking game, especially because you can add shot penalties for those who struggle to guess correctly!


Bigger is Better

Being instantly rife with innuendo this game is all about sorting, longest to shortest, oldest to youngest, or even biggest to smallest. As an example, can you sort these into height order: a 6ft Ladder, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Full sized Double Bass? Whilst this question is relatively innocuous not all the questions are as family friendly. Whilst you could play this game with your in-laws, just be aware there are a few cards you might want to skip…


Pass Out

Pass Out is a through and through drinking game – in fact it goes one above and is also a board game! With drinking deeply integrated in the game this probably isn’t one for your sober friends... although they may enjoy laughing as you try to work your way through tongue twisters and make your way around the board! This game is hard to explain until you play it, and with the volumes of drinks you end up taking across the span of the game, it can be a little hard to remember the next day. All I know for sure is it was incredible fun and great for partying with friends!


Dirty Minds

This game penalises those of us with a propensity to read dirty meanings into perfectly innocent sayings and phrases. Players are read a series of clues that seemingly point towards something mischievous and nefarious, but in reality, have perfectly innocent answers. This game will get everyone laughing whilst struggling to find the innocent answer! Dirty Minds is the game you can't win if you have a Dirty Mind!