Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games

Ah, October! The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder. It’s the perfect time to snuggle down with a good mystery to solve! I am a huge fan of murder mystery games, so I really enjoy these cosy evenings where I get the chance to get stuck in and put my detective hat on. I’ve pulled together a list of all my favourites, and some of the ones I am most excited to try!


Death in Antarctica Case File

Having tried several of the Case File lines I am really looking forward to bringing this one home to get immersed in. Similarly to Fire in Adlerstein, this case surrounds a man who claims he has been wrongly convicted of murder. Based on all the evidence you are given you must work out firstly if Mr Moor is really guilty, and if not, who killed Robert Kohler? Knowing how much I have enjoyed other Case Files from University Games I’m sure I will love solving this one!


The Brie, The Bullet and The Black Cat Murder Mystery Dinner Party

As we get to these colder months I always love inviting over family and friends to have a games night, but this is a little different. This Dinner Party line makes one of your beloved guests the murderer, and the rest of you have to work out who it could be! Who is lying and who just has shifty alibis? I think this will be great to play with my friends as we all love getting into character, and we love having a great dinner too! Hopefully we can solve the murder before it is too late.


Complete Murder Mystery, Murder in the Tower of London Dinner Party

This is another dinner party line that I think looks amazing. Given it’s presentation inside a whiskey style tube this game is a really great gift. One of my friends from Uni is really similar to me in that she loves murder mystery games, and although we don’t get to see each other as much now, we are always sharing our recommendations. I just knew when I saw her for her birthday that this would be right up her street – and it looked so elegant and enticing. I’m just waiting for my invite now!


Murder on the Underground Case File Puzzle

I’m pretty sure a few months ago I shared that I was very excited to try this puzzle, I was right to be! It was just as intriguing and in-depth as the case files I mentioned before, but it has the added layer of puzzles to solve as well. The depth of information given with the case file really helps create this very complete picture of the mystery in front of you. Whilst it was a bit tough to crack, I thoroughly enjoyed solving this puzzle and murder in one!


Cluedo Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of the newest Murder Mystery puzzles we’ve stocked, and as a big Cluedo fan I am very eager to see if this lives up to my fond memories of playing. I’m really curious to see how Cluedo has been turned into a wonderful murder mystery puzzle, but if it’s anything like others I’ve completed in the past I am sure it will be exactly as I hope!