Best Preschool Games

Best Preschool Games

Best Preschool Games

No matter how young you are, you’re never too young to play board games. We have stocked some wonderful Preschool licensed games that contains some beloved characters. My personal favourite is the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Board Game as I adored the book so much growing up!

These are 5 games I think are great for our youngest game players:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Board Game

In this game players have to work their way around the board to make it to the safety of home! Based on the bestselling book the board follows familiar scenes from the book and uses phrases found throughout the book to progress the players around the board. Players be ware, the Bear is in his cave, and he’s not happy that you’re coming past. Can you make it home before the Bear catches you?

The Tiger Who Went to Tea Board Game

This is a two-in-one board game based on the beautifully illustrated book. On one side of the board players must race around the board collecting as much food and drink as they can before Dad gets home! On the other side of the board is a game of matching dominoes. These games are perfect for encouraging learning through play, developing matching skills, encouraging hand-eye coordination and honing fine motor skills.

The World of Dinosaur Roar! Dinosaurs Galore! Board Game

In this game players race around the board to collect all the different dinosaurs they need, but they need to watch out for Dinosaur SNAP! who is trying to stop them. On their journey, players will have to answer prehistoric questions, name different dinosaurs and make the loudest ROAR in order to help Dinosaur Squeak find her friends. Alternatively player can play the Cooperative Games Play option, the rules remain the same but all the players have to work together to reunite eight of the Dinosaurs with their dino pal, Squeak!

Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Game

This is a great game to help preschool children with their counting, decision making, and fine motor skills. The playing pieces for this game are a standout part for me – they are sculpted 3D caterpillars in beautiful colours. As the players move around the board, they collect puzzle pieces to create their very own unique butterfly. I think this game is fantastic for younger children, especially as it is so beneficial in helping them develop essential skills. With beautiful imagery from Eric Carle’s world-famous book, this game is truly beautiful.

First 100 Words Bingo

This game is great at helping children develop associations between pictures and words, as well as improving upon their coordination skills. The children pick, or are shown, a card and must place the ‘baby’ token on the matching picture. This game covers multiple skill and age levels in the preschool category and is a great part of the First 100 games range.