Travel Games for Kids

Travel Games for Kids

Travel Games for Kids

Travelling with children can be incredible, but it can also be a bit stressful. With a continuous symphony of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘I’m bored’ there’s only so many times you can say ‘Hi Bored, I’m Victoria’ before you wish you had a magic teleporter. Whilst I can’t promise these games will completely stop the backseat choir, they might just make the journey, and even the holiday that little bit more bearable!


Here are 5 games I think are great for younger children, and fit into your hand luggage!


Are We There Yet

The dreaded question no one wants to hear on a long car journey, usually starts being asked 20 minutes in to any substantial journey and then stays, like a broken record, on a constant loop until you finally reach your destination. However this time, Are We There Yet might be the best part of the trip! Are We There Yet is actually a great game to keep the children, and the adults, entertained on those long car journeys. It is like a game of I-spy on the move, where children have to look out for specific objects. This game will at the very least pause the moaning from the backseat!


Pizza Party

This game may be a little bit tricky in the car, but with enough space and clever use of trays it can be a great way to keep the children occupied! Each player has to make a whole pizza by matching the toppings on each slice to the dice. Each player, slice by slice, rolls 5 dice each to see how many toppings on the dice match the toppings on the pizza. They keep rolling the remaining dice until the whole slice is complete, then they start again with another slice, until eventually they have 6 slices! The first to 6 slices wins, and the children can keep replaying the game over and over. As a quick note, each pizza party pack is two player, but if you get more packs more people can play!


David Walliams Ratburger’s Go Fish Card Game

This card game is the perfect size to slot into your bag as you leave for a trip. Plus it features the amazing illustrations from David Walliams’ top title: Ratburger. Growing up Go Fish was one of my favourite games to play on holiday, and even now it makes me feel like I am on holiday every time I play! It is by far my favourite card game, and one I have always been very good at. That’s why I think children will love learning how to play Go Fish all whilst seeing beloved characters!


Paddington Mini Colour On

I remember vividly always wanting colouring books for my holidays when I was younger but the last thing you want is to pack a huge colouring book that weighs a tonne and takes up loads of space. The Paddington Colour On has a roll of images inside but is more compact than a book! It also features images of Paddington on his adventures so any Little Bears will love bringing those images to life! The Colour On could also be used whilst travelling not just at the destination, if you want to crawl around the cabin floor looking for the pencils the children inevitably drop! I do truly think this is something I would’ve loved growing up, and something my mum would’ve been grateful for when she came to pack all of my colouring supplies!


Kids Trivia Plus 3rd Edition

This trivia game is more than just any trivia game. Kids Trivia Plus is a trivia board game – complete with a compact game board! The game has also been especially designed for children so it contains lots of fun information they don’t teach in school, as well as lots of riddles, puzzles and observations about the world around us. It makes learning fun, and more importantly keeps the children happy so you can enjoy a little bit of relaxation on your holidays!