Travel Games for Teens & Grown Ups

Travel Games for Teens & Grown Ups

Travel Games for Teens & Grown Ups

Summer is finally here! So are Summer Holidays, finally! Whether you’re going somewhere in the UK or flying away to the other side of the world, there are some great games that will keep everyone entertained without taking up too much space!


Here are my top 5 travel games that will be in my hand luggage!


Sort it Out Mini

A classic game that keeps me and my partner entertained for hours! You have to sort 5 items into a specified order, whether it be shortest to longest, or smallest to biggest, or even youngest to oldest. You get points based on how many you get right. Even though this is only the mini version you still get 4 boards that you can slot your answers into – meaning it doesn’t feel like wasted space in your suitcase!


Stupid Deaths Coffin

We love the Stupid Deaths board game so I know my partner will be excited to play the mini version when we are away! This game comes in a coffin shaped tin, which perfectly complements the tombstone shaped board game, and contains additional cards so it can be used as an expansion pack! Without the board it makes this the perfect pick up and play game, especially handy when you’re tight on space.


Speedy Words

This game comes everywhere with me! I’m serious. It comes in a small round tin and the best part is you can play it over and over again. As this game isn’t a trivia game you will never ‘get to the end’ of it. You get a category and a corresponding letter, the first person to shout out a valid answer wins the card. The person with the most cards wins. Sounds simple right? That’s because it is, but that’s what makes the game so much fun. Whenever we play this, we end up tripping over our words and blurting out answers that definitely aren’t right. It’s a sure-fire way to get everyone laughing!


Who's in the Bag

This game was made to go on holiday. No really. It comes with an outer waterproof bag so no matter where your travels take you, your game will be safe and dry. Who’s in the Bag is a bit like charades meets Don’t Say It. You can talk, mime, sing, act to try and get your team to guess who you are describing, but you cannot say their name! Once you remove the outer box the inner bags can squash down quite small meaning it really makes a great travel game. Plus, with a range of characters and people to choose from it is really versatile and appeals to people of all ages!


Anti-Monopoly Tin

This board game in a tin is just that, a board game in a tin. It comes with a mini sized board and all the pieces needed to play Anti-Monopoly, just on a smaller scale! As with the main Board Game players are split into monopolists and competitors, to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. For people who want to feel at home away from home this mini board game is the perfect way to take games night across the globe!