A Christmas Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

What to Buy for Beer Lovers

What to Buy for Beer Lovers

Beer has always struck me as a ‘marmite’ product, you either love it or you hate it. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t mind beer. Either they love beer and that’s their go to choice, or they will never drink it. I happen to know a few beer lovers in my immediate family, and I can always guarantee a beer related present will go down a treat!

Here are my suggestions on what to buy for the beer lovers.


Beers Puzzle 

This puzzle depicts lots of different beer bottles from famous and iconic brands, any beer lover is sure to appreciate this! My dad is not only a beer lover, but he is also a bit of a puzzle lover! This would be on my list to get him this year but as he really likes framing his puzzles and hanging them around the house. I can only image how upset my mum would be when he insisted on hanging this puzzle in the middle of the lounge for everyone to see, somehow I don’t think this will match the rest of my mum’s décor…


Guinness Shut the Box

Guinness is arguably the most famous beer brand in the world, and it definitely is a firm favourite of many beer lovers. For those who have never played Shut the Box it is a highly addictive game of luck, and a pinch of strategy. It is hard to explain without having it in front of you as you need to see it to understand, but trust me when I say it is easy to lose time playing this game! For a certain Guinness lover in my life I think this is right up his street.


Fifty Drinking Games 

This gift is perfect for beer lovers because it is shaped like a case of beer bottles! The cleverly designed exterior lends itself to the imaginative and hilarious drinking games included inside. This makes a great gift for beer lovers who enjoy drinking with friends whilst playing hilarious games.


Guinness Pub Quiz

Another gift for specifically the Guinness lovers is this fantastic Pub Quiz game. I know my boyfriend’s family got quickly hooked on quizzes during the lockdown, and it is certainly still one of their favourite parts of any game night. I think particularly his dad was most interested in quizzes, both finding them online and also creating his own. I can imagine he would be in his element hosting a Pub Quiz for us with this gift and a Guinness in hand!