A Christmas Gift Guide For Sciencey Kids

What to Buy Sciencey Kids

What to Buy Sciencey Kids

When it comes to buying presents there are two categories of people I always struggle with, the men in my life, they want for nothing, and the children. My niece has recently reached the stage where she just wants money or gift vouchers, which I can appreciate, but sometimes I just want to get her something more thoughtful! As she is a smart cookie and fascinated about the world around her, I often opt for at least one ‘sciencey’ gift at Christmas.

These are things that I have my eye on for my ‘sciencey’ niece.


The Purple Cow Young Survivor Kit 

Containing over a dozen experiments this Young Survivor kit teaches children lots of amazing survival techniques and explains how and why they work. This is definitely a great present for any outdoor adventurer who also loves science! Although these kits are so engaging, I think they will be loved by anyone. These kits include everything, other than a few household items, you need to complete these fantastic experiments.

The Purple Cow Static Electricity Kit 

This kit contains everything, other than a few household items, you need to complete a range of experiments! These experiments use static electricity to wow young scientists and help them understand why and how the experiments work. This kit will help young researchers complete 15 fantastic experiments all involving static electricity.

The Purple Cow Indoor Science Activity Cards 

This little tin contains 20 cards with easy experiments to do at home which children can do and learn all about the science behind it. The best part is no specialist equipment is required; all the experiments can be completed with objects you find at home! There are lots of other Activity Card titles all with at home science experiments and detailed explanations.

3D Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System 

For children who are fascinated by space and our solar system this is a fantastic gift! There are 8 glowing planets representing Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and even our home, Earth! The box also includes Pluto, our favourite Dwarf Planet! With the Planets ranging in size from 4.5cm to 12cm in diameter. The fun and learning doesn’t stop there though! As well as including a Planetary Guide so future astronomers and astronauts can learn more about the planets in our Solar System, the set also includes over 200 glowing stars, comets & asteroids, 25ft of string, adhesive putty to make sure everything stays up, and 10 star shaped tacks! Your future scientist will love recreating their own Solar System at home, all whilst learning more about it!

Solar Bot 

This Solar-Powered science kit helps children create six amazing different constructions including a Robot, Airbot, Helicopter, Plane, Trike or Windmill. This is perfect for kids who love building different things and have an interest in energy and robots!