A Christmas Gift Guide For Game Lovers

What to Buy Game Lovers

What to Buy Game Lovers

We all have someone in our lives who loves more than anything to play board games and spend time with their friends and family. For me that is my boyfriend’s mum and myself! I really enjoy spending time with the people I care about sitting on the sofa with yummy snacks and getting stuck into amazing board games. To inspire you in your quest for a perfect present for the game lovers in your life, here are some of my favourite board games, or ones that are on my Christmas list!


Party Game Night

This is the ultimate gift for a Game Night lover. It contains 4 different games that you can either play all together or mix and match which ones you want to play. The different games are: Act, Guess, Bluff and Draw. I already know my favourite will be draw and I am so excited to get playing this over the Christmas holidays!


Smart Ass

In this game there’s no ‘waiting turns’ as soon as you know the answer you can shout it out, but you only get one shot per question, so use it wisely! Smart Ass is an incredible board game that gets people shouting out answers and becoming furiously competitive. This game, although suitable for 12+ isn’t just a children’s game, I personally play with my friends and grown-up family members, and everyone loves it!


Speedy Words

This game is great as an easy grab when travelling or just as a small game packed full of entertainment! With a really easy play method anyone can join in. Essentially you turn over a card and you get a category and a letter – for example animals beginning with B. Then you must race to be the first to shout out a correct answer to win the card, the person with the most cards wins! Simple right? But so very addictive.


Ready Steady Sculpt Celebrity

I have, and love, the original Ready Steady Sculpt game, and I enjoy bringing it out when I have friends over so we can battle to see who can mould the best and most realistic models. This version specifically contains notorious and memorable celebrities for you to mould, and given some of my friends modelling skills, or lack thereof, I can only begin to imagine the hilarity that will ensue. This game is definitely a great pick for your creative game loving friends and family!


Quicksand Board Game

Whilst this is, by definition, a children’s board game there is something so captivating about it to me. I think it is probably the sinking playing pieces, that’s pretty cool right? In this game players race around the board swinging on vines and rest on rocks, but the board is full of Quicksand pits waiting to trap your adventurer! Your character will shrink every time the Quicksand gets you, so you better hope there’s enough of you left to make it home! This game is definitely on my wish list, and if I don’t get it, I know I will be going round to borrow my niece’s!