Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween, for many of us, is a time of year where we get to indulge our spookier sides. However, you spend your Halloween, at a party, hosting a murder mystery night, dressing up with your children or even just cosying up at home, there’s no doubt a spooky atmosphere in the air. Something about Halloween feels so different to the other October nights, maybe it is all in my head, or maybe there really is something in the air on October 31st! Personally, I will be snuggled up at home with scary movies and spooky games!

No matter how you are spending your Halloween there’s a game for you!

For the Dinner Party Hosts:

Complete Murder Mystery Night

The original Murder Mystery Dinner Party from Lagoon is a classic for a reason. Containing 10 different plots, you can host using this kit up to 10 times, which is more versatile than other Dinner Parties! Murder Mystery Dinner Parties are a great Halloween activity as it gets everyone into the spooky mood, but is a great laugh!

The Brie, The Bullet and The Black Cat Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Set in Casablanca 1942, this Dinner Party Game is a great excuse to get you and your friends dressed up. This game can also be played with up to 12 players, this means you don’t have to worry about who to invite, you can get all your friends over! With a murder to solve over a three-course meal this game encourages everyone to get involved with a little improv as well as being given plenty of hints and clues to follow in their character booklets. This is a great option for larger groups!

For Small Groups:

Mile-High Murder Case File

This Case File is great for Halloween because although you can play with more people, you can also play this as a one player. What better than having a glass of your favourite drink as you pour over the evidence in front of you. When a woman gets murdered on a flight to the UK from San Francisco it is up to you to figure out MMO (Means, Motive, Opportunity) Who wanted to kill her, who had the chance to, and who physically could? I will definitely be borrowing this case file from the office for my Halloween weekend!

Stupid Deaths

For those of you who are inviting guest over, but maybe don’t fancy hosting a Dinner Party Stupid Deaths is perfect for you! This game is a bit of a ‘cat-and-mouse’ style game, where you and your opponents race around the board answering True or False Questions, all the while Death is hot on your tail! This game is great to play with family and friends especially as it is very easy to pick up and play, and the inherent spooky design adds to the atmosphere of any Halloween Game Night!

For Little Monsters:

Monster Maker Stamper

Whilst I am no longer a ‘little monster’ I have had great fun with this stamper set myself. I can just grab a piece of paper and create the silliest and scariest monsters I can come up with. Children will love playing with this stamp set as they can see their imagination come to life, especially when they colour their Stamped Monster in! I think this kit makes a great ‘spooky’ activity for children to keep them entertained over the cold weekend!