A Christmas Gift Guide For Puzzle Lovers

What to Buy Puzzle Lovers

What to Buy Puzzle Lovers

For me, Christmas is the time for puzzles, whilst I like to do them occasionally all year round there is just something about Christmas that makes puzzles just perfect. Maybe it’s the colder, darker nights, maybe it’s the rare extended length of free time that isn’t being used for a sunny tropical vacation, who knows? I love gifting people puzzles, particularly at Christmas because it is such a great way to bring the family together and fill the weird void between Christmas and New Year. Last year I went up to my parent’s house for Christmas and I chose a puzzle for us all to work on, I was quite excited as the puzzle depicted a painting of a nearby town that we had spent many holidays in and around. My boyfriend, sister and I all spent ages getting the edges put together and forming small sections of the puzzle, it ended up being a lot harder than I had expected but the satisfaction when a tricky puzzle comes together is unmatched. However, for whatever reason, my Grandma decided that the puzzle was too hard and one morning whilst I was enjoying an indulgent breakfast, quietly swept it back into the box. Hours of hard work was ruined. Thankfully my parents helped us get the puzzle back to what we had created before and eventually finished it just after we went home. I now have that very puzzle framed and hanging in my spare room, as a constant reminder of the weirdest thing my Grandma ever did, and never admitted to, despite being caught in the act.

With that anecdote out the way, here is a list of perfect presents for my fellow puzzle lovers.


Guinness Coaster Puzzle 

Guinness is arguably one of the most infamous and recognisable brands worldwide. This puzzle captures that fond nostalgia by using various old Guinness Coasters in its design. It is also a great puzzle for gifting because the box has a satin pull handle with a slide effect opening that oozes elegance and luxury, as well as having gold foil accents throughout. Perfect for any Guinness loving Puzzlers!


Beatles Album Covers Puzzle

The Beatles are part of music history being one of the most critically acclaimed and most successful bands in pop culture history! This puzzle celebrates their many, and iconic, album covers by creating a collage out of them. This puzzle is one of the first ones I did when I was introduced to University Games’ Puzzles, and despite being quite tricky in places I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. I think any Beatles fan would love this puzzle, however, if they’ve already got this one, we do have a range of Beatles Puzzles available featuring their most famed album covers, including a fantastic puzzle of Abbey Road at Christmas, complete with Santa hats!


Where's Wally The Wild Wild West Puzzle 

This puzzle combines two loves of mine, puzzles and searching games! Featuring the iconic Red and White striped man, this puzzle has an added element after completing it! I was given this puzzle for my birthday, and I spent so long piecing it all together I almost forgot to find Wally! You’d think when I was picking up different pieces and inspecting them closely to figure out where they went that I would’ve found Wally early on, but somehow, I didn’t. I think I was so wrapped up in completing the puzzle I wasn’t even aware I should have kept an eye out for him! This puzzle is definitely a great one for people who like an extra element to their puzzles, which also means they get to admire their handiwork for even longer!


The Art of Murder Case File Puzzle 

Speaking of added elements this puzzle comes hand in hand with a murder to solve! This puzzle comes with a case file brimming with evidence for this crime, as well as 5 additional 50-piece puzzles that make up more pieces of evidence! Not only does your puzzle lover get to solve 6 puzzles, they also get to put their detective hat on and solve a crime! If any of my family are reading this in a hope to find out what to get me, it’s this one!


London Scratch Off Puzzle 

This is another puzzle that has an extra element, adding to the puzzling fun! First you assemble this puzzle as a view of London in the past, then once it’s complete, you scratch away the image to reveal modern day London in all its skyscraper filled glory. It’s basically two puzzles in one! Don’t worry though, if your puzzle lover prefers the historic view, they can flip the puzzle over and see the original image on the other side! Perfect for history loving Puzzlers!


Sunset in Venice 1500-Piece Puzzle

This beautiful puzzle is definitely for people who have a little bit more room for their puzzles, although as well as doing a range of 1500-piece puzzles we also have 2000, 3000 & 4000-piece puzzles too! Just looking at the gorgeous image on the puzzle box makes me want to book a long weekend in Venice and take a gondola ride into the Sunset.